MIST Student Welfare Fund (MISTSWF)

MIST Student Welfare Fund (MISTSWF) is formed to help financially insolvent students who are studying in MIST. This Welfare Fund is run by the current elected captains of MIST and monitored by the Directorate of Students Welfare (DSW). The main purpose of this fund is to help the students who are facing financial crisis. The sources of this fund are voluntary donation by the Current students, Ex-students(Alumni), MIST Authority and MIST Faculties. MIST is a place where students from different backgrounds come to study. Due to varied financial backgrounds, all students cannot keep pace with all the activities. In these circumstances, the elected bodies of MISTSWF have come forward to help the students who are not financially stable. Alone we can do a little, together we can do so much. For supporting this noble effort, you are requested to donate to MIST Student Welfare Fund (MISTSWF) so that we can stand beside our brothers and sisters in the time of their crisis.